Entry #1

Hey bitches.

2007-08-03 08:04:22 by Mighty-Samoan

I'm mightier than you ^_^


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2007-08-08 08:13:32

Judging by ur sign up date, level, and submissons, I'd say you are either a pissed off guy who got banned from newgrounds n made an alt account, or one of those idiot CC bastards who like to make alt accounts to submit shitty flash to hid etheir true noob account names. 8P
anyway, clocks suck 8D

Mighty-Samoan responds:

I'm actually new

You should go kill yourself somewhere.

Please. Help the environment by not living


2007-08-09 05:02:39

Well, I'M EVILER THAN you...
So it's even...

Mighty-Samoan responds:

:3 lol